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EMV Mini Pos Solutions

-Software Customization

We provide highly customized EMV kernel for our customers.

Our EMV Kernel is a piece of software capable of connecting an EMV ICC (the card chip) and processing a transaction correctly. This includes implementing the EMV protocol, verifying chip authenticity, performing risk management and asking for the Application Cryptogram (AC), which is a crystallographic proof of the transaction used in the authorization process.

With over 10 years of experience of the EMV standard, we've developed a range of Level 2 Kernels that meet the requirements of different platforms and applications to help with reducing risk, implementation time and cost of any EMV migration project.

POS terminals from Milestone Technology has got approved by EMVCo, both level 1 and level 2. EMVCo exists to facilitate worldwide interoperability and acceptance of secure payment transactions. It accomplishes this by managing and evolving the EMV® Specifications and related testing processes. This includes, but is not limited to, card and terminal evaluation, security evaluation, and management of interoperability issues. Today there are EMV® Specifications based on contact chip, contactless chip, EMV® 2nd Generation, Common Payment Application (CPA), card personalization, Payment Tokenisation, and 3-D Secure.


-Biometric Solution

WE provides biometric solutions like face recognition, fingerprint identification and iris recognition.

Biometric identification is the use of automated processes to recognize a person based on physiological or behavioral characteristics. Biometric identification features that can currently be measured include fingerprints, hand geometry, handwriting, faces, irises, retinas and voice.

The use of fingerprint technology in the Point of Sale industry has become increasingly widespread. Fingerprint recognition solution is able to identify fingerprints to ensure the safety of payment process. FB01, the fingerprint reader, allows a POS software provider to quickly integrate fingerprint technology into their POS applications.


-Hardware Customization

WE tailors your POS hardware to your business. We offer all-in-one solutions including POS hardware designing, software developing, hardware batch production, application for certifications.

Custom Physical Features

Size, color, and structure appearance, etc.

Custom Configurations

CPU, RAM, ROM, motherboard, interface, OS, power supply, display material, display size and display resolution, etc.

Custom Functions

Bluetooth, WIFI, Audio/USB cable data transmission, GPRS, 4G network, printing, SIM/SAM card slots, NFC reader, IC and magnetic card reader, face recognition, fingerprint identification, QR Code scanner, voice recognition, etc.

Application for certifications:

PCI PTS, EMV, PBOC, QPBOC, Mastercard Paypass, Visa Paywave, Amex Expresspay, Visa Ready, TQM, FCC, etc.


-Payment Methods

The Payment methods provides:

-NFC contactless payment

-IC card payment

-Magnetic card payment

-QR code payment

-Biometric identification payment


-TMS Solution

We can run or build a TMS system for your business. TMS is a centralized management system developed by our Technology. It is ideal for the growing POS terminal

maintenance needs for the flexibility and convenience in terminal management.

The main functions of our TMS are as following:

-Centralized management on POS terminal devices and software resources;

-To deploy software resource for terminals;

-To download software resource through LAN, GPRS, and CDMA for POS terminals;

-To import and export data;

-To download merchant report, schedule report;

-To activate, replace and cancel POS terminals.


-Modularization Integration

With over 10 years experience of POS terminal modularization integrating, we has developed a set of standard data for our customers who need our products to be integrated as a module of their POS terminals or other payment hardware. Our pos terminals can be integrated into different smart devices like vending machines, ATM, ticket-selling machines and supply dispenser, etc.

For the integration, we provide our:

-Interface definition;

-Physical dimensions, weight and other data;

-Software and hardware interface;

-Firmware details.



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