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Our comprehensive value-added approach and deep technology expertise allow our team to evaluate your business needs and develop a solution to optimize your operational efficiency & company profitability.


From off-the-shelf solutions to fully custom-built integration, our experts are committed to helping you develop a solution that best meets the needs and goals of your business.

With value-added approach to optimize your efficiency and profitability.

§ Point of Sales Application

§ POS Printer Supplies

§ Printing Solution Engineering


Mobile Label & Ticket Application 

MLabel realizes diversified printing (text, picture, one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code and other printing components), which is convenient and flexible. MHTLabel provides system cloud templates to meet the different needs of customers. MHTLabel saves templates and provides users with fast printing services next time.


Our mobile lable application is made for a check-out lane at any type of retail business. This software is essentially your cash register to process each customer's purchase. These applications go from very basic single stations to full featured retail management systems that will offer features like inventory management, customer loyalty services, and detailed sales reporting. No matter the business application, we customize this functional apps that will fit your needs.


POS Printer Supplies

Need Label Printing supplies? With products from all
kinds of labels size and ticket roll papers as well as printer related supplies . let us be your one stop shop for printing! We have virtually every label size, label materials (Paper Label, Polyester Label, Polypropylene Labels) and color label needed for your specific print job. We also fulfill pre-printed labels and custom label requests to fit any requirement needed to keep your thermal printers to office printers running.

Superior solutions require an understanding of the problem as well as the technology. Our Solution Architects provide you with the expertise to weigh hardware and technology considerations against business need and budget. We ensure that you understand your hardware options to achieve a successful integration.

Pre-sales guidance
-Deployment engagement
-Post-installation support

Every business is different. You need a partner who understands your unique challenges and can design solutions that meet your needs and fit your budget. We've helped countless companies of all sizes achieve remarkable results through thoughtful integration. From networking to handhelds, our technical experts will give you the edge you want at the value you appreciate.


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