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R & D strength


R & D Center Introduction

As a high-tech industry, Milestone Intelligent Electronic (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the research and development and practical application of new technologies and new products. As early as the establishment of the company, the company established a hardware research department, and in early 2010, Established a thermal printer research center in Guangzhou, dedicated to providing professional thermal printer system intelligent solutions.

Milestone currently has dozens of patents, including product design patents, computer software technology patents, and a number of supporting App functional design patents. In terms of intellectual property strategy, the company aims to create independent technology and brand, and utilize various technical patents and know-how to provide customers with high-tech and high value-added products to meet the soft and hardware customization of customers in different countries around the world. Demand, provide intelligent printing system solutions for various application environments, and create a new benchmark for smart printing technology!


Software strength introduction:

MLabel Software Development History

MLabel's predecessor MHTLabel


MHTLabel Android 1.0.0: Features are scarce and crashes more


MHTLabel iOS 1.0.1: Simple to print, ugly interface, slow in editing.


MHTLabel iOS 1.1.0 more features added including ESC command to print labels, scanning function, zoom function, internationalization, table printing, system cloud templates and personal cloud templates


MHTLabel Android 1.2.0

More than 80 system bugs have been fixed, and stability has been greatly increased. Serial printing, scanning barcode and QR code, mirroring function, and Excel table printing have been added, and system cloud templates and personal cloud templates have been also added.


After several iterations of MHTLabel Android & IOS, this APP has become more stable and more functional, but with the company's strategy to provide better dealer service, MHTLabel was decided to change its name to MLabel. The interface changed a lot and the marketing system was added.


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