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Food Court Solution

The best Selection for Ordering Perfection

Milestone offers the perfect solution to keep your food court business operating efficiently, while ensuring that customers are kept happy. Not only do all our modules integrate together to provide a seamless experience, but we also give you a practical solution whereby customers won’t be kept waiting long for their meals. Stand out from the crowd and enjoy a food court POS system that’s sure to impress! 



Customize your POS Experience

You can make your food court POS system work in the
 our mobile POS terminal ,that’s most convenient for you. Set up custom menu keys, combos and modifiers, discounts, loyalty programs, languages, tender amount shortcuts and plenty more. 

Effortless Setup and Reliability

Integrate and
Setting up your food court POS system with our technical support with SDK, for convenient and easy installation and maintenance. On the reliability front, our POS  terminal can keep functioning even without an active internet connection.  

Data-Driven Convenience

Benefit from a deep Customer Relationship Management system that helps you analyze customer information so that you can provide the best experience possible. In addition, you will have access to analytic data, accounts data, BI reports, sales data and more. Now you'll be able to easily keep track of profits, best-sellers and customer habits, all at once
, all what you just need is one smart Mobile Pos from us!


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